It’s preparation for a marathon – it really is!

My faithful running shoes (one without its parner)


I ran 10K on Sunday and felt as chuffed as can be because it didn’t seem very difficult at all. I suppose it’s whatever you’re used to. Anyway, the weather was ideal: enough of a chill and drizzle to delay the average joe from leaving their houses – unless they were going to church or leaving to buy a newspaper – it was mainly other runners I saw.

I love my Sunday run because it gives me a chance to solely concentrate on running, not getting distracted by people rushing (usually in a bad mood) to work. I love saying “Good morning” or simply smiling at other morning runners and having a generally lovely time. I think you have to be a runner to understand that wonderful feeling you get on a Sunday run, non-runners might try their best to empathise but nobody understands like a runner does.

I was delighted with my result of 10k – even though I’ve not signed up for any races yet- I couldn’t wait to tell my husband when he came back from his own run, he was pleased for me but he did smile and say, “Well done, 10k done, only another 30 for your target.”

That was good fun but if he wasn’t a runner, I would have thought about it differently. It made me think as well – how do you prepare to run a marathon? I think I need some wise words on this theme.

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Desperate to go out and run

I know we’re more than halfway through January already but I’m still keen to see how many New Years Resolution runners are still going to be out running. Every year, round about this time, especially on a Sunday morning, I think the new runners make themselves known by their spanking new kit, and for some, even a bottle of water for a short run and a rain jacket when it’s only slightly raining. I’m sure I’m not the only experienced (I’m not saying very good) runner who notices this practice of new runners and can’t help thinking – ‘Aw bless’.

When I started running it must have been May, no temptation for extra layers that inexperienced runners load on before realising that wasn’t such a good idea after all, even in January. I mean we all have to start somewhere and have our own personal reasons, targets even for running. My first BIG running target was a 10k race in September simply because my sister had done one and I just couldn’t help but compete with her. That was a great target, however it certainly was in the distance from my May start by going out at all. My first run was only 500m and I knew that by measuring it on the map. I felt a bit embarrassed by that at first but realised if I could do that same short running route 20 times, then I would be running 10k. Luckily I managed to create a more interesting running route than simply round the block so I could reach my 10k target and with going to the gym every week, I became fit and enthusiastic enough to put myself out there and run a 10k with thousands of other runners. It’s always been worth it for me, and the sheer quantity of other runners and roadside race entertainment creates a buzz. After every race I have ever run, I have felt the benefit and my training and am desperate to run and race again.




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